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About BIRS

About BIRS

Brief History

The Board of Internal Revenue was established throughout the States of the Federation by section 9 of Decree 33 of 1993 dated 31st December, 1993 titled, Finance (Miscellaneous Taxation provision) (Amendments) Decree 1993 published in the Federal Government of Nigeria official Gazette No. 1 vol. 80 of 20th January, 1993.

The Board

The Bauchi State Board was excised from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, in 1985. The Board was formally established vide Edict No. 18 of 1985, as amended by Edict No. 2 of 1994. In accordance with Decree No. 104 of 1993 the Board remains a policy formulation organ and the Internal Revenue Services as its Operational Arm.


The IRS is committed to a high standard of ethics. We conduct our service with honesty and integrity, while respecting the integrity of those with whom we do business.
The Bauchi State Board of Internal Revenue firmly believes that taxpayers, business representatives, contractors, supplier and partners engaged to act on behalf of the IRS should uphold our high ethical standards.
We strive to develop long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect for integrity in making frequent and regular contacts with taxpayers and other public sector decision-makers as well as with our suppliers. No employee should accept bribes or inducements to behave in any unethical manner.
The IRS’ personnel are instructed to fully respect the proprietary and/or confidential nature of any information classified as such obtained in the course of their official assignments with respect to taxpayers and the organization itself.
The IRS’ employment philosophy, based on its value-professionalism, respect and perseverance, directly reflects its high ethical standards.
We expect and require each and every employee, as a representative of the IRS, to fulfill its ethical commitments.